Cake Flavours

Decadent Chocolate
A rich moist chocolate cake made with the finest cocoa

Banana Chocolate Chip
Extra moist cake made with the ripest bananas and sprinkled with dark chocolate chips

Classic Vanilla
Delicate texture and delectable crumb

Coconut Vanilla Bean
Light fluffy cake packed with vanilla bean and coconut flavour

The best carrot cake you’ve ever had

Spice Cake
Think gingerbread cookie turned into a cake

Velvety red cake with a hint of chocolate flavour

Get the best of both worlds with swirls of classic vanilla and chocolate cake

Airy white cake flavoured with coconut and

A southern charm! Moist banana-pineapple spice cake full of flavour

Cookies and Cream
Moist and fluffy cake with crushed cookies

Pink Champagne
A cake that tastes elegant! Moist layered cake infused with champagne

Blueberries and Cream
Light white cake bursting with blueberry flavour

Pina Colada
Rum flavoured cake infused with pineapple and coconut

Light, fresh and zesty

Gluten Free Vanilla
Our classic vanilla cake made sans gluten

Moist and fragrant cake

Gluten Free Chocolate
Delicious chocolate cake made with our secret gluten free flour blend

Buttercream Flavours

Dulce de Leche
Full of caramel flavour

Light and fruity with a hint of tang

Chocolate Hazelnut
Milk chocolate with hazelnut paste

Soft, airy and rich in vanilla flavour

Luscious and fluffy lemon

Peanut Butter
Creamy, rich and full of peanut butter flavour

White Chocolate
Made with silky white chocolate

Available in milk or dark chocolate

Flavoured with sweet mango puree

Light and fresh with a hint of tart

Passion Fruit
A subtle balance of sweet cream & tart passion fruit puree

Like your morning cup of joe with cream and sugar

Cookies & Cream
Fluffy frosting loaded with crushed Oreos

Specialty Fillings

Cream Cheese
Wonderfully creamy frosting

Homemade hand-tempered chocolate and cream. What could be better!

Lemon Curd
Tart and mouthwatering silky lemon spread